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"The average power factor, or efficiency, of our compressors was 64%. Damian showed me how we can correct that to 99.9%"

~Dave Schmitz from Economart

"I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the TVSS System installed in my Grocery Store. The system has been installed for over 2 years now and I am pleased to report that the savings have exceeded what promised -- over 26% savings in Kwh usage."

~Scott Keller from S&B Family Food Pride

"This translated to about a 15-20% savings in actual 'watts' charged by our electrical supplier. Aside from the obvious benefit of saving money on the electrical bill, our equipment (now consuming less amperage) runs cooler and more efficiently."

~Wayne Bell from Trudeau Distributing

"The system has performed just as I was told. The protection from surges alone has helped to lower our maintenance cost on refrigeration, lights, and our pumps, not to mention that our electric savings has exceeded 20% over these three years."

~Wilson DeCastro from Airport Shell

"The savings from the TEC system have been substantial, and I can attest that the energy savings, lowered maintenance costs, and protection values, are as real as they get. Also, customer service and support from your company have been exceptional."

~Paul Steinhauser from White Bear Racquet & Swim

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A Systematic Approach to Optimizing Your Facility Voltage Current Grounding Smartcool Lightning Maintenance


If you're like most business owners, paying what seems to be an ever increasing electrical bill is starting to catch up to the bottom line profits. Electrical costs are on the rise with no end in sight, so it's up to the business owners to take action themselves and reduce energy consumption by saving energy. Total Energy Concepts has developed a Systematic Approach to facility wide energy savings as well as other important benefits…all of which help improve your bottom line! We start by addressing the two products that make up the energy your facility consumes…Voltage and Current. By optimizing both the Voltage with our Voltage Conditioning Units and the Current with our load specific Power Factor Correction Units, combined with energy efficient lighting, including LED Lighting, complete facility grounding, electrical panel tune-ups, and finally the proven SmartCool A/C & Refrigeration Optimization Units…TEC offers a complete systematic approach to improving your bottom line with energy saving starting today! We welcome you to our website and know you will like what you see!